picnic ideas

Cabin fever or Coronavirus keeping you indoors? There are plenty of local parks, baseball fields and beautiful hiking spots to setup a picnic. We've got the ultimate checklist of items to get you ready for a few fun-filled hours to keep the kids safe and entertained!

You'll want to pack items that are easy to pack in and out with the least waste. We recommend non-glass, plastic containers with lids to keep items fresh and easy to stack in a cooler or bag.

Where are you going?
Some things to consider for your outing, will you need to hike a ways to your picnic spot? In that case, you'll want to pack as light as possible. If your destination has tables and BBQ facilities, you'll need a tablecloth, BBQ utensils and charcoal briquettes.

What else can you do?
Don't forget to pack that portable Bluetooth speaker or tailgate by your car. Bring the baseball gear, a Frisbee, croquet or setup your own a badminton court. If you're bringing your dog, don't forget a leash, doggie waste bags, bowl and water.

What will you serve?
Depending upon the time of day and facilities available, you may want to pack an after dinner s'mores dessert and wine basket or a casual afternoon lunch with sandwiches and sides. For your sides, consider individual bags of chips or salad greens in containers which you can add dressing to, attach the lids and shake to mix once you're ready to eat. Don't forget the fruits and veggies! Popular fruit choices are those that aren't messy, such as grapes, strawberries and blueberries. If you're serving fresh veggies, cut them up ahead of time and don't forget the Ranch dip. A great dessert option is s'mores, but don't forget the wet wipes for those sticky marshmallow fingers! A cleaner and portable option is cookies. Keep everyone hydrated with their favorite drink and plenty of water.

Keep it cool
Pack a cooler with ice packs and/or ice to keep chocolates, drinks and cold cuts cold and place the cooler in a shady spot if you can. Pack the non-refrigerated items in a backpack, reusable grocery bag or traditional picnic basket.

Other essentials

  • Bottle/wine opener
  • Sanitizer to wipe down hands and picnic tables and benches
  • Picnic tablecloth or blanket
  • Garbage bag for packing it all out
  • Reusable utensils, reusable plates, napkins, wet wipes (for sticky hands), glasses if needed
  • Sunscreen, hats, insect repellant
  • First aid kid, candles
  • Lighter, matches, BBQ utensils, charcoal