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9a - 2p

Construction Combo

Includes:       15
Hot Sammie
Fountain Drink
Choice of: Chips, Mug of Soup or Half Salad

Hot Sammies

Mountainside Cubano | ham, mojo pork, manchego cheese, garlic cornichon relish, champagne honey dijon    10
Panino al Prosciutto | prosciutto, salumi, pesto, provolone, cherry pepper & artichoke giardiniere    10
Prime Ridge | steak, mushroom, onion, swiss cheese, thyme, peppercorn diane sauce    10
Pig n' Fig | pork loin, bacon, gruyere, red onion, arugula, rustic fig apple chutney spread    9
Veg-Head | portabella mushrooms, red pepper, red onion, gruyere, swiss cheese, arugula, scallion hummus spread    9
The Bourdain | mortadella, fontina cheese, miso piccalilli spread    9
TBC | carved house-roasted turkey, peppered bacon, rosé cranberry aioli, brie cheese, arugula    9

Mugs of Soup

Soup of the Day | ask server    6


The Remy | blanco sauce, manchego, roasted corn, butternut squash, red onion, arugula, maple
drizzle, toasted pecans [V]    18
The Hannah B | crushed tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil leaves, herbed olive oil [V]    16
The Atherton | spicy crushed tomatoes, mozz, italian sausage, salami, pepperoncini, italian
seasoning    17
The Goldstone | crushed tomato, mozz, manchego, gruyere, parm    15


White Chocolate Bread Pudding    8
Mini Cannolis     5
Huge Chocolate Cake    12
Chocolate Mousse Cake     6
GF Mousse Cake    8


Fountain Drinks     1.75
Coke, Diet, Zero    1.50
Han’s Kombucha     5
Taproot Craft Sodas     5
La Croix Sparkling Water    2.5

Ridge Cafe

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