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Situated atop beautiful Corner Canyon with sweeping views of the Wasatch Range, our warm and open architecture with 3 garage doors that combines indoor and outdoor spaces, makes our location a truly unique and memorable venue.

The cornerstone of Ridge Cafe is our authentic Stefano Ferrara brick oven  handcrafted in Naples, and formed with clay from Italy’s Sorrento region, this eye-catching, copper-tiled oven cooks entrees to perfection every time.

About Us

We follow a holistic approach from crop to table

Anthony Crossley
General Manager

Anthony was born and raised in Connecticut and was always interested in cooking. At many family gatherings, he took mental notes from his Great Aunt on preparing authentic, simple and delicious meals.

He has worked in the hospitality industry for over 25 years in every position from fine dining Server at the renowned Il Fornio (San Francisco) to General Manager.

After graduating from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America (Hyde Park), he worked as a Catering Chef alongside Rick Orlando at New World Home Cooking (Woodstock). Following, he became a Restaurant Manager at the Firewheel Restaurant, Hyatt (Austin) and moved up to Stories fine dining restaurant as Chef. He was the opening Executive Chef at College Street Brewhouse and Pub (Lake Havasu City) and implemented everything from ordering kitchen equipment, layout and menu creation for this startup restaurant that opened in a recession, in an industrial part of town and ended up being a huge success.

He lives with his family a short walk away from the Ridge Cafe and enjoys traveling, mountain biking and being outdoors.

Anthony Crossley

Ridge Cafe

Ridge Cafe

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9am - 2pm

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